The Company, Echjay Forging Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located at Mumbai. The plant with experience of more than 5 decades, is one of the pioneers in the business of closed die and upset forgings. The fully integrated Mumbai plant has facilities to cut, forge, heat treat, CNC machining, gear generating and manufacturing of assemblies. Echjay specializes in upset forged components, deep drawing or hollow forged components, closed die forged components and machined components and also gears of different types. Echjay has a international brand reputation and a loyal customer base both domestic and international which it has built and maintained for more than 50 yrs. This has been possible only by meeting and maintaining international quality standards and on time delivery schedule every time. Talk about stainless steel flanges in Europe, US or Canada or valve body forgings, closed die forgings, upset forgings, hollow forgings or deep drawing forgings the company has met and served the forging needs of their customers Internationally.
Echjay Forging Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Kanjur Village, Kanjur Marg (E)
Mumbai - 400 042
Maharashtra, India

Tel : +91-22-2578 2461
Fax : +91-22-2578 4962