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Introduction :

If one of your obsession is good music, if you really are a connoisseur of good music, if you've got the ear that knows what is excellence in music and what's ordinary: you ought to be introduced to Swan System.

What happens to be a part of your life is our whole life. If you enjoy good music with your heart and soul: we've put our heart and soul in giving you what you really need.

Qualified technicians and sophisticated machines and our obsession to give you the very best. That's all our little organization is all about. A smile of complete satisfaction on your face is the alpha and omega of our strategic planning.

Try Orian Speakers: You deserve them. Choose Orian Speakers and when people say: you really know how to choose a good speaker, accept the compliment gracefully. You really know it.

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Swan System
Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400104
Tel : 91 (22) 2805 0377 / 2805 5576
Fax : 91 (22) 2805 6748
Email : carolineexports@vsnl.net

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